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QWB Free Shipping Loose Weave 3Bundle/Lots 12”~28”Professional Ratio Brazilian Virgin Nature Color 100% Human Hair Extension

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    Thank you all and have a blessing day!

    Dear customer,

    When we talking about VIRGIN HAIR, means we use donator hair (hair are cut/purchased from donator directly instead of collecting from floor), with some clean work and high temperature steam process make into many different textures.Our hairproves to be reusableMore than one yearwith proper care :)!!

    In this case, please don’t compare our hair with Beauty Supply Store Hair πŸ™‚ The BSS hair may seem to be” Miss Perfect” at first glance, no dry/split ends, color are exactly the same whole bundle, extremely unreal soft after ACID BATH process. However, there is no need to do acid bath for good quality donator’s hair. Virgin hair without any chemical process will be durable used.If u are really picky about the split/dry ends, color difference, gray hair, please not purchase until u read below virgin hair details.

    Queen Weave Beauty Ltd

    Dry/Split Ends:

    Dry Ends–our hair is high temperature steam processed texture, hair after high temperature steam processed will be a little dry. Please follow our hair care instruction, we have recommend shampoo & conditioner. Those Brand proof to be work well on our hair and do great moisture treatment!

    Split Ends–as we all know for virgin hair grow from human scalp, the longer hair the lesser nutrition will reach to ends. Our sourcing department will pick out the badly damaged ends raw hair, but few splits ends CAN’T be avoided, especially when hair is longer than 18”, please understand. ONLY DYED & ACID BATH hair has no spilt ends at all! If u are picky for split ends, we do not recommend u to purchase 100% chemical free virgin hair πŸ™‚

    Our Hair Color:

    Hair is non-dyed and collected from donator directly. Each bundle color varies a little. It arranges from black #1, dark brown #1b to Middle brown #2. Please leave us order note for color requirements, we will pick hair for u before shipment.

    For real virgin hair, the color shade from the top to ends which is normal, as we all know the longer hair the lesser nutrition will reach to ends, usually virgin hair ends will be lighter than top and middle. For example, the top and the middle are black shade to ends 1b or even lighter at last 2~4 inches πŸ™‚ that’s also split ends area.


    New hair will have few strands initial shedding which is normal. Excessive shedding may come from:

    a. poor weft construction

    b. weft cutting

    c. dry hair

    For poor weft construction issue, please contact us and send pictures immediately, we will help u do refund or exchange based on our refund policy. We are STRONGLY RECOMMEND customer SEAL WEFT & CUTTING AREA. Don’t cut the weft only if you feel it’s necessary. Another reason lead to shedding is hair dry. With following our hair care instruction and use recommend brand products, hair won’t dry and easy to manage.


    QWB only sales cuticle intact donator hair which is soft and flawless, but in under below circumstance hair is easy to tangle and matting.

    a. incorrect maintain products

    b. un-proper chemical process (dye & bleach)

    c. double-layer weft sew in

    Some of popular brand shampoo and conditioner proves to be not good to our hair which is main reason leads to hair dry/tangle/matting. Please use our recommend shampoo and conditioner brand on our hair care instruction.

    Bad quality dye & bleaching will make hair dry and fragile, please check our hair care instruction for more chemical process guidance. Double-layer sew in make hair hard to comb which will easy to getting tangle and matting, please open the weft thoroughly and installed with our single weft instead of double laying it.

    Corn Chip Smell:

    As we mentioned previously our hair is 100% chemical free, we promise no corn-chip chemical smell. We do not only care about beauty but also our customer’s health! πŸ™‚ But we do wash the hair when we produce it, it’s may have local shampoo smell on it, anyway, it will lift ur shampoo and conditioner smell shortly after co-wash πŸ™‚

    Gray Hair:

    Virgin non dyed hair have few strands gray hair inside, we usually pick the gay hair out on production, but we DO NOT guarantee 100% no gray hair, please understand, and pick the few strand out yourself. Thank you!


    We do have nits/eggs quality control. The raw hair with nits and eggs are selected out before we put into production. So 99.5% products are no nits and eggs, if there is one bundle we are not able to pick out, we do accept refunding or replacement.

    Length Remark:

    Wavy and curly hair will look much shorter compared with straight.  You should measure the length of hair when it isSTRAIGHTLYstretched!


    We also DO NOT RECOMMEND you to purchase longer length virgin hair, such as 28”.  Don’t ever try it before you understand how high maintenance it will take. πŸ™‚ lol –QWB

    For ur order longer than 28″, we strongly recommend u SEAL THE WEFT. Longer hair is kind of high maintenance because the longer hair the lesser nutrition will reach to the ends. To avoid dry and tangle please follow our hair care instruction carefully and use our recommended shampoo and conditioner to co-wash the hair weekly.

    Our hair is 3.4~3.5 oz per bundle, as we all know, the longer length the shorter weft it will be for certain weight. 4~5 bundles is recommended for whole head sew in.


    Firstly, Hairandweaves.com will take 24 hours to confirm your payment. After that, we will ship out the hair within next 24 hours (Sunday, national or traditional holidays are exceptional)

    PROCESSING TIMEis 48 hours and no later than 72 hours usually.

    Delivery Time Reference:

    Order on Monday, u can expect the hair on Friday normally;

    Order on wed, u can expect the hair on Monday next week normally

    Order on Friday, u can expect it on wed next week normally;

    Whole delivery takes 2~3 WORK days By DHL normally!!!

    DHLdelay happens, estimate date just for reference!!!

    Working Time:Monday~ Friday 9:00am~6:00pm (Time Zone 8)

    Resting  Time:Weekend

    The DHL service is not available on Sunday in China. And we will ship it out on Monday next week instead.

    WeDO NOToffer overnight shipping by far!


    For security concern:

    >>Please don’t use any POX. box address, package may be lost.

    >>Please use Physical address, and make sure there is someone there sign for the package, “Leave at door” package may lost at high risk.

    >>We will recommend u leave your phone No. for DHL to contact.

    Due to the security issue is getting more and more severe in some area, weareNOT RESPONSIBLEfor package lost in these cases:

    a. Shipping address is not clear or wrong, DHL won’t be able to find it.

    b.Nobody be able to sign for the package andDHLleave at door,package stolen

    c.Signed by someone else you don’t know which meansmalicious stolen

    We will beRESPONSIBLEfor these circumstances and full refunding:

    a.We put the wrong address which didn’t match ur given address

    b.DHLdelivery to another wrong address instead of ur given address.


    Before the sign, please open the package to inspect with DHL delivery man stands by, if we send wrong item please refuse to sign and contact us. We will verify the package item by our records and DHL official weight data.

    CORRECT & SAFEshipping address is very important since Security problem is getting worse in some area. It’s customer’s duty to guarantee the safe shipping address for parcel. Please notice these conditions in advance. It will be benefit for both buyer and seller!!!

    Refund Policy

    100% Money Back Guarantee on each item.

    Please contact us within 7days upon your receipt of the item(s). The refund will be rendered once the item(s) has been sent back inoriginal condition.  No refunds/exchangefor hair being installed, cut, dyed, washed or any damage & process, please understand)

    Money will be refunded within 3WORK DAYS after we received the hair with ORIGINAL CONDITION.

    Buyer Pay The Shipping Cost

    Seller Pay The Shipping Cost

    Photo Doc. Provided

    Exchange Available


    Change style or color



    Contact with us in 7 days

    Shipped wrong items or colors




    Contact with us in 7 days

    Quality Problem




    Contact with us in 7 days

    Artificial Reason






    Feedback & After-Sales Service

    Dear customer,

    We will be greatly appreciated if u can leave us 4 or 5 stars POSITIVE feedbacks. Your good review is great encouragement for our hard working staff. If you are not satisfied with the item you received, please contact us before leaving negative feedback. We would like to work with u together to solve any problem.

    QWB NEVER/EVER PURCHASE FOR GOOD REVIEW,please understand. Any after sales issue, please contact us without hesitate. We will help u solve the issue based on our refund policy πŸ™‚

    Q. What grade hair do you sale?5A, 6A, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A Hair. . . . . .

    In early year 5A is top grade, then comes up 6~10a even higher A on the market. What we want to say is how many A vendor puton hair is really NOT IMPORTANT, even though non-remy hairvendor can say it’s 10A.

    QWB only use raw hair purchased from young lady donator. Hair is cut from donator directly instead of use any floor hair.Price could be much lower by using floor hair or blend withfloor hair. It’s esaier to get customer by low price, but onlyQUALITY will gain return customer and good reputation. Price may keep some new customer away form us. Margin betweenlow price product and our product lain on the product you pay for.

    Q. How Many Bundles Hair Do I Need?

    3~4 bundles according to your head size and the effect you prefer, hair more than 20” 4bundles will be recommended. If you want full effect, 4bundles are necessary. 3bundles for small size head or combine top closures is good choice.

    Q. Did the hair keep pattern well after wash?

    Except body wave do not act well, other textures all keep the pattern well after wash. The reason for body wave “loose texture” is the body wave is not kind of original very wavy hair, that’s why after wash it turns to natural wavy or natural straight. Other than that this is really quality Brazilian virgin hair can dyed to any color, curl and wand beautifully!

    Q. What type of hair care products should I use?

    Co-wash the hair before install is NECESSARY!!! And make sure u co-wash the hair once a week at least, treat this hair just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and conditioning products as we mentioned in the hair care instruction. Conditioning the hair is very important to keep it soft and manageable, let the condition sits on the hair 5~10mins then rinse it. Let it air dry instead of blow dry.

    Q. what kind of dying products should I choose?

    RecommendREVLON COLORSILK DYEor otherSALON PROLevel dying and bleaching products. Deep condition the hair after dye & bleach is very necessary!! It will protect the hair being dry. And also, time control is very important, please follow ur product instruction and control the processing time properly.

    Lower quality dye products will damage the hair badly, we may not able to responsible for customer improper process, please understand.

    Q. Will this hair hold curls well?

    Yes! Our hair can hold curls beautifully! We have some tips:

    >> Find correct temperature for hair curling. We will suggest u raise the temperature little by little to test it out.

    >> Time control is very important, we will suggest let the wand/curl sits on the hair around 8~10 seconds with proper temperature.

    >> Apply some hair spray will keep the curl pattern durable for whole day πŸ™‚

    For more of our other customer wand and curl picture please check ourIG: queenweavebeauty910088

    Q. What’s the best temperature for flat iron or curled iron?

    We recommend160~180 Celsius degree or 320 ~360 Fahrenheit degree! Even human hair can be burned if the temperature is too high without proper time control. Heat protection products will be recommended during high temperature iron.

    Q Will our hair texture go back to original pattern after flat iron?

    For long term use, weNOT RECOMMENDcustomer to flat iron the curly and wavy texture frequently. Our hair is high temperature steam processed, not marcel water processed. High temperature iron the hair will damage the pattern little by little. EspeciallyDEEP WAVE & TIGHT CURLY, flat iron it will damage these beautiful pattern a lots. Please notice that in advance.

    Q What payment method can I use?

    Hairandweaves.com acceptCredit Card,Bank Transfer (T/T),Western Union,Money Bookers,Debit Card. For payment detail:


    If Hairandweaves.com payment failed, please contact us, we will guide you pay with PP.

    Q. Why did my payment fail?


    Any questions, please email us or send us message, we will help until problem solved!

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